United Glass And Aluminium WLL

Aluminium Partitions And Cladding

Aluminium Partitions

This is the most cost effective and flexible solutions of the partitioning ranges. Such partitions prove themselves to be very durable, de-mountable and relocatable. Aluminium Partitions are available in solid, part or fully glazed elevations. 

Automatic / Manual Sliding Door Sliding

Doors are horizontal doors having single or two adjacent panels that can slide over one another.They are placed over a track and have roller underneath to slide over track.It can be Manual or Automatic operation Aluminium Windows & Doors Aluminium Doors & Windows are resistant to corrosion as they are coated with aluminium and not necessary to paint repeatedly. It can be of different colours, patterns and designs. The doors we deal are made using high quality aluminium which makes them reliable, tough and long life function.

Facades/Curtain Wall

Facades or Curtain wall system combines glass ,either transparent or spandrel or both ,and vertical and horizontal mullions acting as structural members to transfer wind and gravity forces to building structure.Custom or standard unitized or stick framed,double skin or fin facades,framed or frameless structurally glazed system are designed.

Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP)

Aluminium Composite cladding or ACP is typically a metal curtain wall system. ACP is made from lightweight Aluminium with Hard Insulation.With a huge selection of finish types and colours. ACP is used for exterior cladding ,column covers,interior wall and partition panels.


Canopie’s are designed for style and functionality,canopies provide excellent protection form the element without the need for columns or foundations

Skylight/Roof Windows

Skylights are light transmitting fenestration forming all, or a portion of, the roof of a building's space for day lighting purposes. Sometimes skylight can enhance ventilation and reduce electricity cost for lighting


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