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Glass partition with 10/12mm toughened glass and laminated toughened glass with options of swing and sliding doors. Full height partition and half height partitions for commercial & residential layouts. Transparent and opaque overviews can be obtained with sand blasting and stickering.

Glass Partitions/Room Dividers

Glass partition is a concept to divide the available large space in to convenient and desired partitions. Various partition angels are achieved with the glass partition concept with the help of toughened glass. The process of glass partition is designed by architecture based on the purpose and convenient of the end users. Large scopes of commercial and residential spaces can be segments as glass partition.

Shower Enclosures

Shower enclosures are shower partition made to divide wet and dry area between shower area and rest of the room space. shower enclosures are one of the leading glass interior concepts for the residential customers. shower enclosures are highly custom made base on individual location and space available for the shower enclosures. There are many designs of shower enclosure like 180-degree shower enclosure, 90-degree shower enclosure and pentagon type shower enclosure.

Glass Balustrade/Fencing Systems 

SHS glass balustrades are designed with far more than safety in mind. In commercial and domestic settings they are the design refinements that turn functional into a feature. They allow light to flow freely into a room. They create the illusion of space. They’re simple to clean, and a pleasure to live and work with. On interior and exterior stairs, balconies and banisters, discover the difference a glass balustrade can make to your space.


Mirrors are one of the most under-appreciated elements in interior designs. Their reflective properties make small rooms seem larger, dark rooms seem lighter and can help one fabulous accent or furnishing pack double the punch. If you’re looking for simple ways to spruce up your interior

Interior Decoration 

Interior designing can never be made much stylish and elegant without glass usage. As glass provides all the possible ways to decorate your home furniture, kitchens, floors, doors with ecstatic looks, and your home beauty would be further refurbished. Even your office writing boards, signage, lobbies, and staircases can be made vibrant while embellishing with the various type of interior glass solutions available on the go.


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